Analyzing Tabletop Exercise Effectiveness

To assess the current forms of evaluating the effectiveness of no-fault exercises and offer alternatives, several individuals with […]

John Duda Tabletop Exercise

Evaluating Tabletop Exercise Effectiveness

Despite the number of years tabletop exercises have been utilized for preparedness, only unreliable formal evaluation systems have […]

The Importance of Conducting Exercises

The Importance of Conducting Exercises

Significant events over the past three decades have put pressure on the United States government to exercise response […]

Types of Exercises and Training

As seen in human-caused events such as the 9/11 attacks, the Virginia Tech, Columbine, and Aurora, CO. shootings, […]

Tabletop Exercises: Are they effective?

Conducting exercises to ensure preparedness is by no means a revolutionary topic. ¬†Exercises and war games have been […]