Critical Infrastructure Protection, Red Cell, & Emerging Threats

Preparedness Solutions

SummitET® stands ready to support your needs in preparing to detect, prevent, protect from, and/or respond to current and future threats to our critical infrastructure including the malevolent acquisition, delivery, and use of chemical, biological, nuclear, radiological and explosive material.

While we must build a system of preparedness and ready-capability to defend against current threat trends such as the active shooter and the use of vehicles as a weapon, we must also include within our system future risk-based threats that have not yet materialized. We know that today’s environment offers avenues for threat actors to capitalize on vulnerabilities and growing technology, such as unmanned aerial systems, that pose a significant threat to our critical infrastructure. Our experts have the capability to help fuse trends and current intelligence information with red cell teaming, to develop and deliver informed countermeasures against future threats and prevent attacks.


Tailored Preparedness Solutions

SummitET assists in developing a system of preparedness through the following means:

  • Assistance with strategic program development

  • Develop and facilitate red cell teaming for over-the-horizon threats with after-action reporting

  • Assist with the development and facilitation of integrated multi-disciplined response planning

  • Develop and facilitate training workshops for prevention, protection, response, and mitigation operations

  • Develop and facilitate hands-on training workshops for site exploitation and crime scene investigation to quickly drive intelligence.

  • Develop and facilitate table top, functional, and field training exercises with after-action reporting

  • Support the development, implementation, and compliance verification of policies, processes, and procedures

  • Assist with threat-based risk identification

  • Conduct venue risk assessments


Industry Experts

We possess a unique cadre of subject-matter experts with experience in developing preparedness planning/countermeasure programs to defeat terrorists and other actors seeking to cause significant loss of life, economic loss, and/or the disruption of government. Our extensive knowledge base can help customers build a system of preparedness that includes risk assessment, employment of threat detection tripwires, establishing methods of deterrence, conducting intelligence and information sharing, integrated interdiction and crisis response operations, and site exploitation.

Proven Results

Our experts have the capabilities to build tailored preparedness solutions in the following critical infrastructure sectors: 

  • Chemical Sector

  • Commercial Facilities Sector

  • Communications Sector

  • Critical Manufacturing Sector

  • Dams Sector

  • Defense Industrial Base Sector

  • Emergency Services Sector

  • Energy Sector

  • Financial Services Sector

  • Food and Agriculture Sector

  • Government Facilities Sector

  • Healthcare and Public Health Sector

  • Information Technology Sector

  • Nuclear Reactors, Materials, and Waste Sector

  • Transportation Systems Sector

  • Water and Wastewater Systems Sector

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