By John Duda and Scott J. Glick

Even though tabletop exercises (TTXs) have been used for decades, an industry standard has not emerged on how to evaluate their effectiveness. Since 2012, John Duda, CEO of SummitET, has noted the lack of an industry standard for quantitative assessments of TTXs, which prompted him to develop a rubric for analyzing and measuring exercise effectiveness. Based on their extensive exercise experience in both the government and the private sector, Mr. Duda and Scott J. Glick, SummitET’s General Counsel, have refined the rubric and its scoring of various exercise factors into what they call the XF ScoreTM, which they discuss in their article published by the Domestic Preparedness Journal entitled Creating A New Standard for Evaluating Tabletop Exercises.

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Tabletop exercise design checklist

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John Duda, Chief Executive Officer and founding partner at SummitET

John Duda


Scott Glick VP and General Counsel

Scott Glick

General Counsel


News Media Drills and Exercises

News Media Drills and Exercises

By combining all elements of news media into simulation exercises, you can ensure your team stands ready to interact in real-time with the media in the face of a crisis.