Virtual Training Engagements

Preparedness Solutions

In response to recent events, SummitET® is now offering a suite of tailored virtual and semi-virtual tailored training engagements to provide full spectrum preparedness solutions to public and private organizations.

01 | Virtual Training Courses


Training course conducted remotely via video conference that can be supplemented by electronically-distributed course materials.


Provide basic training for a given subject matter


Law Enforcement, Emergency Responders, Communicators, and Train-the-trainer courses

02 | Email-Based Remote Exercises for Individuals


Exercise conducted with individual participants receiving and returning inject packets at regular intervals over a given period.


Improve individual understanding of emergency response; prompt individuals to think critically about the preparedness level of their organizations and encourage them to investigate coordination readiness in their local community.


Mid- to senior- level leadership for local response authorities

03 | Email-Based Remote Exercises for Groups

Exercise conducted with co-located groups of participants from different agencies in a community receiving and returning inject packets at regular intervals over a given period.


Emphasize the response role of specific organizations, including the plans, policies and procedures developed internally to support responses.


Broad response community

04 | Virtual TTXs with Structured Responses for Groups

Large or small groups of players and observers interacting through video conferencing and web-based communications applications.


Address single- and multi-organization response challenges


Public and Private Sector Organizations

04b | Facilitated Discussions

Large or small groups of participants and facilitators interacting through video conference and web-based communication applications.

05 | Distributed Small Group TTXs

In-person, small-scale alternative to Virtual TTXs that can be conducted with agency groups or mixed groups. Can be used in instances where travel is permitted but in-person gatherings need to be kept to a small size.


Agency-specific response challenges


Response Agencies, Radiological Facilities, Hospitals

Crisis Communications Workshops

We also offer predeveloped interactive virtual workshops for organizations as well as individuals in many crisis communications areas. Visit our Workshop page for more information.

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