Workplace Violence & Active Shooter

Preparedness Solutions

SummitET® provides customized high-end 360-preparedness solutions to reduce the risk posed by workplace violence and “active shooter” incidents. We know that much of this risk can be mitigated through the development of an effective preparedness system that includes internal policies and compliance, intelligence and information sharing, physical security protections systems, training, planning, and exercising.

We offer a suite of tailored preparedness solutions for many public and private sectors and organizations that include:

active shooter preparedness sectors listed with icons

Tailored Preparedness Solutions

  • Threat assessments
  • Private sector threat assessment groups
  • Vulnerability site assessment
  • Threat information sharing pathways between law enforcement and private industry
  • Private sector/critical infrastructure/special event active shooter training, planning, and exercises
  • First aid – bleeding control training
  • Integrated law enforcement and fire rescue response training, planning, and exercises
  • School safety and active shooter training with age-appropriate curriculum
  • Internal policy development and compliance
  • Strategic communication

Industry Experts

We work with public service and other organizations to build this system through its cadre of experts that are representative of the following communities: Law enforcement, infrastructure protection/force protection, intelligence, counter-WMD, counterterrorism, emergency medical/fire rescue, hazardous materials, bomb disposal, and plan writing/development.

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