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We’re doing our part to help build a more sustainable future through people, education, and partnerships. Find out how we’re building internal accountability and transparency, and by joining forces with others to build a lasting impact, we’re enabling people to help make our world a safer place.


Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

We want to build an environment that guides innovation through a fully inclusive workspace, where every person, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex (e.g., gender identity, sexual orientation, pregnancy), age, and disability is seen, heard, valued, and respected. Open and free communication in a diverse atmosphere that promotes impartiality and fairness enables our experts with their unique backgrounds and experiences to better serve the communities and agencies with which we work.


With over one-third of our company consisting of veterans, hiring and helping veterans and their families smoothly transition from service to meaningful employment is an important company value. SummitET has been recognized by HireVets Gold Medallion Award in 2020 and 2021.


We aim to set the industry standard for employee retention rates. Through continual development, opportunities for growth, and generous work-life-balance, we have achieved an annual retention rate of approximately 65% since the company’s inception. Join our team and apply now.

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Pat Daly Simulation Fund

We have partnered with Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts and Sciences to develop and fund the Patrick F. Daly Simulation Fund in the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies. The gift we made in 2021 covers the cost for two simulations per year for five years, enabling approximately 250 students to participate in the emergency management simulations.

Learning Development

Our people are truly our biggest asset, and we encourage continual growth and education throughout employment. Our learning development program uses company funding to help our team members continue to learn and grow in their field.

SHRM Certifications

Many of our public workshops offer the additional benefit of SHRM accreditation, helping our customers keep up with thier certification requirements.

Partnerships for a Greater Preparedness

Community Volunteerism

SummitET encourages its employees to volunteer within their community. With employees in 35 different cities across the nation, our goal is to maximum the number of our employees who are volunteering in their communities.

External Partnerships

By placing the highest value on our people and our external partners, we aim to continually offer the highest level of customer service and most comprehensive solutions in the industry.

Unit Share Program

Our greatest asset lives within our company and the employees who are helping to build it. With our unit share program, our employees have an opportunity to own a piece of what they have been helping to build.

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