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Thought Leaders

At SummitET®, we pride ourselves on the extensive and expansive range of the expertise of our team, many of whom are highly regarded subject matter experts (SMEs) in their respective fields, each possessing decades of specialized education and established practice.


SummitET Founder and Chairman John Duda

John Duda

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

SummitET partner Chuck Stevens-marrone

Chuck Stevens-Marrone

Chief Projects Officer

SummitET partner Todd Cannan

Todd Cannan

Chief Quality Assurance Officer

Senior Leadership

Adam Montella, Senior Vice President

Adam Montella

Senior Vice President

Mark Basnight, Vice President

Mark Basnight

Vice President | Strategic Communications & Incident Response Practice

Scott Glick VP and General Counsel

Scott Glick, JD

General Counsel

SummitET Vice President of programs Pam Piersanti

Pam Piersanti

Vice President | Programs & Strategy

Steve Sugarman, Vice President

Steve Sugarman, CHP

Vice President | Corporate Health Physicist

Subject Matter Experts and Program Managers

Mike Ammons photo

Mike Ammons

Director of Business Development

Ron Crane

Ron Crane

Program Manager | Director of Quality Assurance

Jim Dougal, Law Enforcement and Tactics Subject Matter Expert for SummitET

Jim Dougal

Law Enforcement and Tactical SME

Ron Crane

Ron Edmond, EdD

Crisis Communications SME

Holly Hardin

Holly Hardin

Director of Strategic Communications

Angela Leek

Angela Leek, PhD, CHP

Director of Radiological Solutions & Regulatory Affairs

Andrew Manson Law Enforcement and CBRNE Subject matter expert

Andrew Manson

Program Manager | Law Enforcement and CBRNE SME

Kevin Quigley, CBRN and WMD Subject Matter Expert at SummitET

Kevin Quigley

Program Manager | CBRN & CWMD SME

Dave Raymond, Law Enforcement/CBRNE Senior SME at SummitET

Dave Raymond

Law Enforcement and CBRNE Senior SME

William "Jeff" Skinner, M.D.

Jeff Skinner, MD

Radiology Oncologist | CBRNE SME

SummitET expert Jesse Smith

Jesse Smith

Counterterrorism Program Manager

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