SummitET preparedness experts and guest discuss the XF ScoreTM, a rubric for analyzing the effectiveness of tabletop exercises and trainings for crises.

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Creating a New Standard for Evaluating Tabletop Exercises” by John Duda and Scott Glick

Domestic Preparedness Journal, July 25, 2023 

Tabletop exercise design checklist

Is your organization better prepared today after completing a tabletop exercise or training? How did the experience better position you to face a threat or hazard? If it is difficult to answer these questions, how do you know the exercise was an effective use of time and resources?

In Part 1 of Episode 3 of Bridging the Gap, preparedness experts introduce you to the XF ScoreTM, a rubric for analyzing the effectiveness of tabletop exercises and trainings for crises.

The creators of the XF ScoreTM speak with Pete Gaynor, former DHS Acting Secretary and former FEMA Administrator, about how this new evaluation tool allows for a better outcome than the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program, or HSEEP. Created by FEMA, HSEEP provides a set of principles for evaluating exercise programs. The XF ScoreTM helps to prove whether your agency is more prepared because of the training and allows you to address weaknesses in a revised training plan.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this podcast episode: once you’ve collected data from your training or exercise evaluation, how do you interpret and utilize it to strengthen future plans?


Pete Gaynor

Pete Gaynor

Former DHS Acting Secretary; Former FEMA Administrator

John Duda, Chief Executive Officer and founding partner at SummitET

John Duda

Co-creator of the XF ScoreTM; Chairman and CEO of SummitET®

Scott Glick VP and General Counsel

Scott Glick

Co-creator of the XF ScoreTM; Former US DOJ Director, Preparedness & Response
Adam Montella, Senior Vice President at SummitET

Adam Montella

Senior Vice President of SummitET®

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