Adam Montella, Senior Vice President

Adam Montella

Senior Vice President

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in Emergency Management

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Why I work at SummitET

Summit’s core values, including its commitment to delivering stellar products and customer service, align with mine. I am equally impressed with the caliber and diversity of the staff and leadership. After hearing about the vision and goals for the company, I knew I had to be a part of the SummitET family.

My work/research will make a difference in the world because

I can contribute my diverse expertise and experience with SummitET’s professional staff and subject matter experts. Together, we are dedicated to the mission of helping prepare our customers and their stakeholders to be more resilient in facing the increasing frequency and intensity of existing and emerging threats.

What do you perceive is the greatest challenge facing America today regarding your subject-matter-expertise?

The greatest preparedness challenge facing America today is removing the organizational stovepipes and other barriers to creating streamlined and actionable plans. Using a “Whole Community” approach, we need to concentrate our planning efforts on developing role-based actions, workflows, and communications strategies to address the consequences caused by a crisis or disaster and not plans for every type of crisis or disaster.

Adam Montella, SummitET Senior Vice President
Adam Montella, SummitET Senior Vice President
Adam Montella, SummitET Senior Vice President



Master of Public Administration

Associate of Arts, Secondary Education

Associate of Arts, Marketing


  • FEMA Master Planner
  • FEMA Master Continuity Practitioner

  • Holds more than 40 FEMA, DOD, DOJ, and Red Cross certifications
  • Law Enforcement Certificate, Sarasota Criminal Justice Academy
  • Scarlet Oaks Vocational School


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About Adam

Adam Montella, MPA, MHS-V, CMP is the Senior Vice President at SummitET where he oversees the company’s programs and operations to effectively coordinate and spearhead initiatives to align them with the company’s strategic goals. 

Adam is an internationally recognized subject matter expert, speaker, and writer on numerous topics relating to emergency management, business continuity, physical and cyber security, homeland security, public health, disaster response, and recovery. With 36 years of direct experience, Adam has worked in senior positions or advisory roles in local, state, and federal government, private industry, and non-government organizations.

Adam’s experience is underscored by serving in senior leadership positions on well over 100 presidentially declared disasters including the COVID-19 Federal Vaccination mission, Hurricanes Maria, Andrew, Hugo, and Katrina, the September 11 terrorist attacks, and the anthrax release at the U.S. Capitol. He was also the on-camera security and survival expert on the Discovery Channel Series, THE COLONY. In recognition of his contributions to the field of emergency management, Adam was presented the Innovations in American Government Award from Harvard University.

Adam serves on the board of the Mid-Florida Chapter of the Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP) and is a current member of the Department of Energy’s Emergency Management Issues Special Interest Group (EMI SIG), the Curriculum Review and Editorial Boards for the American Public University System (APUS) and American Military University (AMU) and Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s Emergency Services Industry Advisory Board.

Adam has also served on the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA’s) National Advisory Council (NAC), the Exercise and Continuity Sub-Committees of EMI SIG, as the Human Services Branch Chief for the Florida State Emergency Response Team (SERT), as a member of the U.S.  Department of Homeland Security’s Private Sector Intelligence Analyst Program, FEMA’s Emergency Response Team (ERT), the ESFS-6 (Mass Care) lead at FEMA’s National Response Coordination Center (NRCC) and as a Mass Care Officer for the American Red Cross.

Adam holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration, as well as attending both Police and Emergency Medical Services Academies. Adam is a FEMA Master Planner and Master Continuity Practitioner and holds more than 40 FEMA, DOD, DOJ, and Red Cross certifications.

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