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Dave Raymond

Law Enforcement and CBRNE Senior SME

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About Dave

Dave Raymond joined SummitET in 2020 after serving over 30 years as an Intelligence Community Professional, including 20+ years as a Special Agent in the Federal Bureau of Investigation and 10+ years as a Naval Intelligence Officer. With an extensive background in complex National Security, Counterterrorism, and Counterintelligence investigations, integrated multi-agency response planning, WMD/CBRNE prevention and response, and program management, Dave uses his subject matter-expertise to support a variety of SummitET initiatives.

Dave has briefed the highest levels of the U.S. Government regarding National Security threats and is also experienced in intelligence analysis, risk mitigation, drafting national level policy, special event management, operational response to CBRNE threats and incidents, and military and law enforcement training. He served as a supervisory special agent and instructor with the FBI, and a weapons school instructor in the Navy.

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M.A. Criminology


B.S. Law Enforcement Administration


  • FBI WMD Coordinator
  • Public Safety Bomb Technician
  • FBI Firearms Instructor
  • HAZMAT Technician
  • FBI Adjunct Faculty




Complex National Security, Counterterrorism, & Counterintelligence Investigations

National Level Intelligence Analysis

Drafting National Level Policy

Why I work at SummitET

Working at SummitET allows me to continue to put my decades’ worth of experience in National Security and Law Enforcement to work supporting my country and community. I can continue to give back to the country that has afforded me such wonderful opportunities. SummitET also has a strong emphasis on one of the most important things for me: family.

My work/research will make a difference in the world because…

I can help the United States, at all levels, improve its preparedness and response capabilities regarding various terrorist or WMD threats.

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