CBRNE Readiness

Prepare your agency to mitigate and respond to emerging threats through exercises and training.

Terrorism continues to be a growing concern worldwide. Risks posed from the use of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive materials (CBRNE) and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) can result in significant loss of life and devasting property damage. SummitET® designs, facilitates, and supports federal and state CBRNE and WMD training and exercises that test, validate, and improve incident prevention, preparedness, and response capabilities and address known emerging threats.

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Domestic and International Strategic, Operational, and Tactical CBRNE Preparedness

Exercises & Training

Our experts design and lead multi-disciplined, multiagency training and exercises developed specifically around your agency goals. We provide full spectrum planning, logistics, and support assistance for training and full scale, functional, and tabletop exercises.


We develop strategic planning tools specific to your organization that will bolster confidence in decision-making before, during, and after a terrorist threat involving CBRNE materials.

Plan Development

We develop specialized plans for counter-proliferation in all security environments, as well as search, render safe, response integrated planning, and intelligence information sharing pathways.

War Gaming

We create international and domestic interagency war gaming exercises designed to bring together multiple agencies across regions and countries.

Our in-house industry expert backgrounds make all the difference.

  • Biological Threat Response 
  • Bomb Tech
  • WMD Coordinator 
  • CBRNE Hazmat 
  • Countering WMD
  • CBRN Response 
  • FBI Counterterrorism 
  • Emergency Management  
  • EMT / Fire Department 
  • Hazardous Material Accidents 
  • Laboratory Health Network 
  • Mass Casualty Events 
  • Nuclear Defense / Nuclear Detonation 
  • Strategic Communications 
      Mark Basnight VP of Communications

      Pam Piersanti

      25 Years Counterterrorism Operations

      Scott Glick VP and General Counsel

      Scott Glick

      40+ Years of Prosecution, Critical Incident Response, Policy, & Teaching

      Steve Sugarman

      Steve Sugarman

      35+ Years of Experience
      in Health Physics

      Dave Raymond, Law Enforcement/CBRNE Senior SME at SummitET

      Dave Raymond

      36 Years in National Security

      Angela Leek, Director of Radiological Solutions and Regulatory Affairs

      Angela Leek

      27 Years in Radiation Protection

      Andrew Manson Law Enforcement and CBRNE Subject matter expert

      Andrew Manson

      22 Years Law Enforcement/CBRNE

      Mark Basnight VP of Communications

      Kevin Quigley

      23 Years in CBRN Defense

      William "Jeff" Skinner, M.D.

      Jeff Skinner, MD

      22 CBRNE Medical Response
      & Radiation Oncology

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      Our Difference

      What separates us from the rest?

      Industry Experts

      Unlike other companies, we staff several subject matter experts including health physicists and a medical doctor (M.D.) who understand the unique properties of CBRNE materials and excel at technical communications training.

      Tailored Solutions

      We offer training designed to enable your organization to test, evaluate, and improve response plans, policies, and procedures around CBRNE capabilities.

      Realistic Exercises

      We have curated industry-leading subject matter experts so that we can develop the most realistic exercises possible. Our experts develop domestic and international real-world, intelligence-based exercise scenarios with the goal of enhanced agency integration and information sharing.

      Customer Service

      We are committed to creating training solutions that will meet your agency’s goals, timelines, and regulation requirements. Our experts will confidently guide your team through every step of the process.


      • DoD Top Secret Facility Security Clearance Level (SCL)
      • Department of Energy Level Q Clearance
      • DTRA AEMMS Contract Vehicle
      • FEMA cert – HSEEP– Homeland Security Evaluation and Exercise Program

      Proven Results

      Though we cannot always reveal our partnering contracts, our work with federal agencies like the State Department and Department of Defense speaks for itself.

      U.S. State Department

      International engagements alongside interagency partners including NNSA and the Department of State.


      The Office of Radiological Security

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      CBRNE Capabilities

      • National-level nuclear weapon incident exercises 
      • CBRNE consequence management exercises  
      • War-gaming 
      • Incidents involving CBRNE materials and WMD
      • Hazardous materials accidents, including toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and toxic industrial materials (TIMs) 
      • Mass casualty CBRNE events 
      • Evacuation and displacement 
      • Deter, detect, interdict, and respond to proliferation of WMDs and related materials across borders and territories 


          • Chem and bio terrorism threat response operations  
          • Critical infrastructure protection  
          • Fatality management  
          • Mass casualty   
          • Mass disaster scene management  
          • Threat awareness campaigns  
          • Threat information sharing   
          • Vulnerability assessments  
          • Preparatory consequence management  
          • Integrated and multi-disciplined regional to national level response plans  
          • Develop and facilitate exercises to test plans and train the response  
          • Strategic communications prescription messaging  

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