Scenario-based media simulations add realism and interest to any exercise, briefing, or training activity. By developing compelling mock newscasts and narrative videos that establish a scenario and help drive drills and exercise play, participants are provided the opportunity to work in a fast-paced, decision-making environment. Each simulation is customized to meet the intended audience’s specific learning needs.

Full Spectrum news media simulation exercises include mock newscasts, social media play, digital and print injects, and live interviews. By combining all elements of news media, you can ensure your team stands ready to interact in real-time with the media in the face of a crisis.

Here are some things to look for when choosing a company to lead your news media drills and exercises:

  • Industry Experts in news and multimedia
  • Dynamic Real-Time Injects
  • Interactive Elements
  • Realistic Mock Stories
  • Digital and Social Media Experts

Experts at SummitET have identified a four-step process where we integrate the full spectrum of simulations. To learn more, download our informational sheets below or connect with our experts directly via the contact form below.


Multimedia Factsheet Mockup

News Media

News Media Factsheet

Social Media

Social Media Factsheet Mockup

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