May 26, 2020 – Saint Petersburg, FL. Summit Exercises and Training® (SummitET®), a Preparedness Solutions Company®, announces the launch of a new platform giving organizations the opportunity to host in-person or virtual strategic communications workshops.

The platform provides communications professionals access to resources, tools, and twenty-six strategic communications workshops. Communications professionals often struggle with increasing communication complexities such as managing the volume of information on digital and social mediums, addressing misinformation and combatting disinformation, messaging effective risk and crisis communications, and engagement with internal audiences. Periodically assessing organizational communications and creating an integrated, multidisciplinary approach is key to maintaining preparedness and ensuring communication success.

“Organizations often lack the time, in-house expertise, and budget to train effectively,” comments John Duda, CEO of SummitET. “Our customers’ needs are evolving, and we’ve adapted by designing a virtual solution to empower organizations and meet their training requirements.”

Key benefits include:

  • Supports the wider organizational strategy by augmenting communication professionals’ plans and processes.
  • Reduces risk through on-demand access to resources and tools.
  • Saves training budget through virtual workshops.
  • Supplements communication capabilities.

SummitET’s team of strategic communication practitioners has experience assisting a variety of government and private industry and utilizing  SummitET’s APSTER ProcessTM focused on six steps of communication preparedness – Assessment, Planning, Solutions, Training, Exercises, and Reassessment. Using this process, along with a library of training tools, SummitET provides organizations the best opportunity to maximize and execute a strategic communication program.

 For more information on how to host an in-person or virtual strategic communications event for your organization visit

About SummitET 

Summit Exercises and Training LLC is a U.S.-based, veteran-owned company that provides proven full spectrum preparedness solutions through industry-leading experts and impeccable customer service. Our diverse team supports corporate and governmental partners in developing solutions that address issues of critical infrastructure, radiological and emergency preparedness, cybersecurity, workplace safety, active shooter programs, counterterrorism, strategic communications and other disaster-related training.

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Ron Edmond
Phone: 865-567-2248

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