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GSA Schedule 84

Security, Fire & Law Enforcement

Whether it is protecting our shorelines, patrolling our harbors, ports, and federally controlled lakes and rivers, or oil-spill containment, this Schedule has all types of marine craft, equipment and services to meet your needs. This Schedule can provide equipment and services for personal, vehicular, or facility applications for all of your law enforcement protection, prevention, apprehension, or investigation needs. GSA has facility management systems for security and energy management functions. Services such as professional security, facility management and guard services are also located in this Schedule.

To protect one’s self from the elements, fire, biochemical exposure, accidental immersion, or other hazardous materials, see what is available in Schedule 84. Uniforms, safety shoes, and boots of all types are available as well.

GSA’s offerings include:

  • Security System Management, Design and Support Services, Marine Craft and Waterfront Security Products and Services;

  • Alarm and Signal Systems, Facility Management Services, Professional Security/Facility Management Services and Guard Services;

  • Employment, Forensic Drug Testing Equipment and Services;

  • Physical Access Control Systems (PACS);

  • Surveillance Systems, Wearable Body Cameras, Vehicular Video;

  • Firefighting and Rescue Equipment, Urban and Wildland;

  • Law Enforcement and Security Equipment Supplies and Services;

  • Marine Craft and Equipment; and

  • Special Purpose Clothing.

Items on this Schedule can help you:

  • Extinguish fires;

  • Manage controlled burns; and

  • Provide personal respiratory protection.

Additionally, products are included for search and rescue—both to assist your entry into buildings or vehicles and to safely evacuate personnel.

GSA Schedule 874

Business Consulting Solutions

Business consulting solutions include a full range of management and consulting services that can improve a federal agency’s performance, and help customers meet their mission goals. Business services range from consulting, facilitation, quality assurance, analysis, strategy formulation, advisory and assistance, research, and training to acquisition and program support, including:

  • Integrated Consulting Services;

  • Training Services (Off-the-Shelf Training Devices and Training Materials);

  • Acquisition Management Support;

  • Integrated Business Program Support Services; and

  • DAU and FAI Certified DAWIA and FAC Acquisition Workforce Training.

In addition, GSA offers governmentwide blanket purchase agreements for Performance Management/Continuous Process Improvement (PM/CPI) services.

Service Offerings

The various services offered are listed below with their associated Special Item Number (SIN) and links to a list of vetted contractors for each type of service.

  • A full description of Services covered under each SIN can be found at GSA Schedules eLibrary.

  • The NAICS code(s) associated with the RFQ must match a NAICS code listed with the Professional Services Schedule. Only one NAICS (dominant) may be used in the resulting task order.

Team member of the TEPs NNSA BPA 

SummitET has joined MELE Associates, Inc. Team (MELEMAX) as a CTA member to provide Technical, Programmatic, and Engineering Support services to the Department of Energy/ National Nuclear Security Administration (DOE/NNSA). The overall BPA spans both the PES and MOBIS GSA Schedules for addressing NNSA Program Management support requirements. This includes a wide array of services that cover:

  • Program Management Support

  • Nuclear Engineering Subject Matter Expertise & Analytic Support

  • Training Support

  • Security Management

  • Weapons Data Access System Programmatic Support

  • Emergency Operations Support (Domestic & International)

  • Aviation Operations

  • Nuclear Nonproliferation

  • Environmental Management

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