Summit Exercises and Training LLC (SummitET®) is pleased to announce a free upcoming virtual workshop titled “Strategic Communications for Institutions of Higher Education: Navigating Sensitive and Controversial Issues.” This webinar is specifically designed for University Administrators, University Media Relations and Communications professionals, and Campus and Public Safety personnel who play a crucial role in maintaining a safe and inclusive environment on campuses.

In today’s dynamic and interconnected world, the 24-hour news cycle along with the immediacy of social media require higher education professionals to address a wide range of controversial and emotionally charged issues with a diverse stakeholder population.

These issues include:

Crisis Communications for Universities Webinar
  •  Free speech, safe space, first amendment
  • Campus protests
  • Reputation Management
  • Domestic & International Political Environments
  •  Active shooter incidents
  • Natural, manmade, and technical disasters
  • Sexual harassment and exploitation

The introductory webinar will equip participants with a foundation in crisis and risk communication as well as reputation management to effectively communicate with stakeholders including students, parents, faculty and staff, local communities, business and industry partners, donors, accrediting agencies, and lawmakers.

SummitET’s strategic communication introductory webinar includes a series of pre-crisis, crisis event, and post-crisis planning course offerings for higher education officials. Participants will be offered free digital downloads to help with their own planning including a “spokesperson self-assessment”.

Event Details

Webinar: Strategic Communications for Institutions of Higher Education: Navigating Sensitive and Controversial Issues

Cost: FREE

Who Should Attend:

  • University Administrators
  • University Public Relations
  • University Public Safety
  • University professionals responsible for communicating with stakeholders.

Wednesday, March 13
11:00am – 12:00pm EST


Thursday, March 14
3:00pm – 4:00pm EST

Meet Our Facilitators

Our Strategic Communications subject matter experts are current or former real-world practitioners, skilled in strategic communication that is grounded in science-based communication principles, best practices, and practical experience. They are uniquely qualified to revise or offer new approaches to prepare communication strategies for pre-crises, crises, and post-crises.

Mark Basnight VP | Strategic Communications

Mark Basnight

Vice President | Strategic Communications

Holly Hardin Director of Strategic Communications

Holly Hardin

Director of Strategic Communications

Ron Edmond, Crisis Communications Subject Matter Expert

Ron Edmond

Crisis Communications Subject Matter Expert

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