Strategic Communications for Universities; Sensitive and Controversial Issues

Join our free webinar for higher education professionals where our experts discuss training options that will help your team address emotionally charged issues at universities with a diverse stakeholder population.

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Wednesday, March 13, 2024

11:00 am – 12:00 pm EST


Thursday, March 14, 2024

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm EST

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1 Hour Webinar


The 24-hour news cycle along with the immediacy of social media require higher education professionals to address a wide range of controversial and emotionally charged and controversial issues with a diverse stakeholder population.

Our experts can address how to respond to or strategically communicate surrounding issues such as:

Free Speech, Safe Space, First Amendment

Domestic & International Political Environments

Natural, Manmade, & Technical Disasters

Campus Protests

Active Shooter Incidents

Sexual Harassment & Exploitation

Reputation Management

Who Should Attend

  • University Administrators
  • University Public Relations
  • University Public Safety
  • University professionals responsible for communicating with stakeholders.

What You Will Learn

  • Communication Challenges & Opportunities
  • Prepare to Respond to Complex Incidents
  • Communication Uncertainty Management


We will also discuss our in-person trianing options where your team can learn specific skills through interactive and engaging courses. Our paid courses offer the following learning objectives: 

  • Communication Uncertainty Management
  • Crisis Communication Teamwork Skills
  • Communication Aligned with University Mission & Vision
  • Inclusive Communication Skills & Behaviors
  • Cultural Awareness & Global Perspectives
  • Crisis Communication Leadership Skills
  • Inflammatory Language & Promote Dialogue Avoidance
  • Protect Individual and Professional Reputation (PPR)
  • Prepare to Respond to Complex Incidents
  • Address Civic Engagement & Promote Civil Discourse

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You will also recieve a free
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Meet our Facilitators

SummitET facilitators have extensive backgrounds in Strategic Communications in the following areas:


  • Higher Education Instruction
  • Crisis Communications
  • Comms Analyst for the DOE/NNSA Enterprise
  • Emergency Management Team Lead for Oak Ridge Associated Universities
      Mark Basnight VP of Communications

      Mark Basnight

      Vice President | Strategic Communications

      Holly Hardin Strategic Communications

      Holly Hardin

      Director of Strategic Communications

      Ron Edmond, Crisis Communications Subject Matter Expert

      Ron Edmond, Ed.D.

      Crisis Communications Subject Matter Expert

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