Getting information from trusted sources regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is essential for preparation. Find the most up-to-date information from the resource links below.


Coronavirus Disease 2019 Information for Travel:

Personal Protection

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Shortages:

How to Make Your Own Face masks:

PPE Decontamination and Reuse:

Information for Businesses

Free Strategic Communication Consultation:

Free COVID Stock Images and Videos:

Interim Guidance for Business:

Risk Communication and Community Engagement

Canned Advertising Messages

Health Department Communication Resources

Risk Communications Guide: Questions and Key Messages


Cybersecurity Best Practice for Remote Workers:

Higher Education

Crisis Leadership and the Higher Education Response


PIO Go Kit

PIO Go Kit

Download this FREE resource to help prepare your Public Information Officer (PIO) Go Kit to be ready for a crisis at a moments’ notice.

CDC Plain Language Resources

CDC Plain Language Resources

Tools and resources from the Centers for Disease Control on communicating your message clearly and affectively to your audience the first time.

Can You Survive Nuclear Fallout?

Can You Survive Nuclear Fallout?

Watch this YouTube video on the scientifically supported plan of action that could save thousands of lives during a nuclear fallout.