February 11, 2020 – St. Petersburg, FL. Summit Exercises and Training LLC (SummitET®), a Preparedness Solutions Company, announces the expansion of its Strategic Communications Program. This program is designed to help organizations develop and implement effective internal and external communications before, during and after a crisis. It will address a growing demand from both the corporate and government sectors which have become increasingly concerned about their ability to effectively manage public affairs, crisis communications, and much more, within the current age of ever-changing threats and instant communication through diverse pathways.

SummitET expands its Strategic Communications program with the addition of two internationally recognized communications experts to lead the program: Mark Basnight, Director, and Holly Hardin, Manager of Strategic Communications. Both Basnight and Hardin have extensive communications experience across corporate and government sectors and stand ready to support clients in the development and execution of a communications strategy.

“When we started SummitET, the idea was to help our customers prepare for a variety of disasters. Today, nations, communities, and organizations are confronted with more complex challenges – our focus is to deliver remarkable customer service and provide full-spectrum preparedness solutions,” said John Duda, CEO of SummitET. “Over the last year, we have increased our attention to our communication program to address a wide range of risk, crisis, and public information issues.”

Strategic Communications catalog mock up

SummitET’s Strategic Communications Course Catalog.

The Strategic Communications Program is tailored to each client to achieve confidence through a programmatic strategy of delivering internal and external communication. These customized products and services include:

  • Course development and delivery on risk and crisis communications, reputation management, internal communication, digital and social media, community relations and education, and media relations.
  • Immersive activities using the most current technology and social sciences.
  • Flexible, scalable mock media and social media simulation support.
  • Onsite full-scale exercises and virtual support for smaller drills and exercises.
  • Onsite and/or virtual exercise support using comprehensive training tools.
  • Real-time social media play and injects across native, secure, closed-loop social media exercise environment.
  • Assessing, planning, training, and exercising strategic communications plans for learning, improving, and efficiencies throughout the organization.
  • On-call strategic communications practitioners and subject-matter experts to assist organizations with real-world crisis response.
  • Certified Master Exercise Practitioners to assist in all aspects of planning, exercise conduct and evaluation, and training support.

“Our goal is to boost partnerships within all tiers of government, private business, and industry, and to identify the most effective methods of communicating public and internal information,” said Pamela Piersanti, VP of Programs and Strategy.

To learn more about the SummitET Strategic Communications program, click here.

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