Summit Exercises and Training (SummitET), a St.Petersburg-based company, launched an associate recognition program with a personal touch entitled ‘RISE’ to reflect SummitET’s core values; Recognition, Innovation, Service, Excellence. This award will be presented to associates who best embody these principles.

“Leader-associate relationships are vital to keeping our remote team in balance. We wanted to develop a way to ensure associates are receiving the recognition they deserve, as well as motivate good performance and commitment to the company,” says HR Manager, Randy Melton.

During a team meeting they will be presented a custom SummitET “Challenge Coin” alongside a personal note from the CEO. Managers and associates are encouraged to nominate team members for a RISE coin when they see a worthy example, earning them recognition.

Other criteria determining RISE award winners include team member satisfaction levels, attracting other quality associates for employment,  and improving business quality and service. 

“Being a service-centric business, our people are our most important asset. We prioritize work-life balance, benefits, continued education, and encouraging our associates to grow.” CEO, John Duda, commented. “SummitET strives to recognize associates who not only personify our core values of Recognition, Innovation, Service, Excellence, but go above and beyond to continually raise the bar.”

A special congratulations to our inaugural SummitET RISE challenge coin recipients; Ron Crane, Christine Moore, Valerie Potucek, Jerry Furniss and Randy Melton. Kudos, and thanks for your dedication to bringing our company to the forefront of Innovation, Service and Excellence.

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