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At Summit Exercises and Training LLC (SummitET®), developing the capacity to mitigate risk and prepare individuals and organizations is our life, our business, and our passion. Whether it’s a situation resulting from natural, technological, or human factors, every member of the SummitET team is dedicated to ensuring our clients are prepared for the unthinkable. Exercises are the foundation upon which we build this disaster preparedness and response.

Our goal is to provide proven full spectrum preparedness solutions to threats through industry-leading experts and impeccable customer service.

Our professionals, team members, and partners have harnessed their years of “in the field” know-how and applied it to the design, development, facilitation and evaluation of all manner of exercises. Engaging in the SummitET culture means bringing your professional skills to the table. SummitET offers excellent benefits, a collegial team environment, and opportunities for growth.

Law Enforcement Subject Matter Expertise Contractor
Department: Programs
Statewide, Florida, United States - 00000

Summit Exercises and Training seeks to fill positions with law enforcement and WMD subject matter expertise that will work in support of U.S. government preparedness efforts. These positions are tasked based ad hoc 1099-contract positions. These positions will require domestic travel nation-wide.

The successful candidate must have a thorough understanding of the law enforcement integrated response with other modalities to WMD/HAZMAT incident scenes. This candidate must also have training or experience in supporting a variety of Law Enforcement activities that includes outreach and collaboration at facilities where WMD is used, stored, or transported, designing and implementing physical security protection systems, providing integrated response assessments, and developing and assisting with WMD workshops and exercises for the Federal, state, and local response to WMD incidents.

Position Requirements:

  • This position requires a bachelor's degree or higher or significant experience in law enforcement and WMD response operations, or other applicable and relevant experience.
  • This position requires the following experience:
    • 5 years' work experience in law enforcement may be waived pursuant to other related credentials.
    • 2 years' experience in integrated WMD response operations, with a focus on a radioactive source threat response.
    • Experience in leading SLTT WMD preparedness efforts, to include training, workshops, and exercises.
    • Experience in designing physical security protection systems a plus.
  • A professional level of fluency in Microsoft Office suite of applications, to include PowerPoint, Word, Forms, Power Automate, and Excel.
  • Experience at delivering training, exercises, workshops, or meetings using Microsoft Teams, Zoom for Government, or similar.
  • Excellent research and analytical skills
  • Excellent customer service, leadership, and organization skills.
  • Excellent public speaking experience.
  • Must have strong writing skills and have prepared briefs at the executive level.
  • Must have completed HSEEP training.
  • Must be capable of lawfully operating a motor-vehicle, lift 50 pounds while traveling, sit or stand for long durations, speak English, and travel by commercial aircraft based upon client or mission needs.
  • Must have a valid driver's license in the state of residency.

Our mission at SummitET is to provide proven full spectrum preparedness solutions to threats facing government, non-government organizations, and private entities through industry-leading experts and impeccable customer service.

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Work-life Balance

Our associates enjoy generous PTO and paid holidays. Our leadership encourages and fosters a team and family environment.
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SummitET pays 100% of Employee Only healthcare premiums and covers 50% of remaining dependent premiums.
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Retirement Planning

Associates who choose to participate in a 401K plan may choose between a traditional 401K plan and a ROTH 401K. We currently offer company matching contributions per pay period. 
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Continued Education

SummitET may reimburse education classes or programs to any full-time associate looking to earn a degree or certification in a qualified area that applies to employment duties.

Social Responsibility

We’re doing our part to help build a more sustainable future through people, education, and external partnerships. Find out how we’re building internal accountability and transparency, and by joining forces with others to build a lasting impact, we’re enabling people to help make our world a safer place.
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SummitET Core Values


At Summit, we:

  • Always offer the highest quality Customer Service – We strive to serve our customer.
  • Act with Integrity: Trust.
  • Believe our team is our identity. We are Associate-Based/Focused.
  • Always deliver a Quality product or service: If we are to do something, we will do it well.
  • Enable our team to Lead to help shape a better organizational future.
  • Leverage the Collective Genius of our talented workforce.
  • Demand Excellence in ourselves and our team.
  • Are Passionate and Committed in heart and mind to each other, our customer, and vision.
  • Offer our customers creativity and a broad range of views and expertise through our Diversity.
  • Act with Humility: We are open to personal change and continuous improvement.
  • Strive for Simplicity.
  • Seek Results: We have a “can do” (positive) attitude and drive to get the job.
  • Treat others with Respect.
  • Provide Customer-Focused solutions.
  • Are Honest and act Transparently.
  • Encourage Forward Thinking.
  • Promote a work/life Balance.

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