Summit Exercises and Training LLC (SummitET®) experts will be presenting at the 33rd annual National Radiological Emergency Preparedness Conference (NREP) in Indianapolis, Indiana from April 3 to 6, 2023. 

The mission of NREP is “to provide a professional forum for individuals involved with the Offsite Radiological Emergency Preparedness programs to gather in the spirit of continuous self-improvement to share program experiences, develop solutions to common challenges, and create innovative planning, exercising, and training methodologies.”

SummitET offers multi-agency radiological preparedness exercises, trainings, and workshops for emergency planners and field personnel, led by our team of Strategic Communications experts, Certified Health Physicists, and Radiation Safety experts.

Join our expert session during the 2023 NREP Conference:

Public Information to Crisis Management: Spokesperson Strategy and Practice for Radiation Emergencies”

Authored By: Mark Basnight, Holly Hardin, Angela Leek and Steve Sugarman

Unprepared radiation spokespersons increase the risk to their organization’s brand and credibility as well as their personal reputation as effective leaders. They need to be prepared to comment on a wide range of topics and to provide clarifications of untrue statements. Whether your agency needs to share information regarding a news event, has an internal story to tell or is trying to publicize a new product or service, radiation spokesperson training can be helpful in getting your story out. Using interactive and participatory methods, senior leaders and radiation spokespersons will engage in practice to enhance development of stakeholder maps, key messages, talking points, and strategies for engaging multiple audiences using science-based methods and industry best practices.

See our expert presentation excerpts from 2022.

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