Summit Exercises and Training LLC (SummitET®), a Preparedness Solutions Company®, is excited to announce the addition of Angela Leek as the company’s new Director of Radiological Solutions and Regulatory Affairs. A Certified Health Physicist (CHP), Angela will provide health physics support to existing contracts within SummitET’s client portfolio, as well as explore innovative ideas to develop technical resources and staff augmentation options for state radiation protection programs as they seek to fill gaps in the technical aspects of their programs.

“The state and local radiation control programs are vital to radiation protection and radiation emergency response efforts across the nation, and I look forward to leveraging my experiences and working with my colleagues to find solutions to support their programs,” said Angela Leek.

For the last nine years, Angela served as Bureau Chief for Radiological Health at the Iowa Department of Public Health and was responsible for all radiological regulation programs in Iowa including licensing and inspection activities for radiation-producing machines, radioactive materials, and the radon and tanning programs. In addition to these regulatory functions, Angela was responsible for coordinating dose assessment and development of protective action recommendations for radiation emergency preparedness and response. She continues support in Iowa and across the nation as a Type 1 ROSS (Radiological Operations Support Specialist) and a member of the national ROSS working group.

Angela recently served as the Chairperson for the Conference for Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD), Iowa’s governor-appointed state liaison officer to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and Iowa’s voting member for the Organization of Agreement States. Angela is also a Board Director member of the Health Physics Society.

“Angela brings over twenty-five years of knowledge and experience in the radiation field with support to over one hundred trainings and presentations on radiation protection, regulatory program perspectives, and emergency response,” stated John Duda, CEO of SummitET. “We are honored to welcome her to our team.”


Angela Leek, Director of Radiological Solutions and Regulatory Affairs
Angela Leek, Director of Radiological Solutions and Regulatory Affairs

Angela Leek

Director of Radiological Solutions and Regulatory Affairs

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