Summit Exercises & Training (SET) offers an array of training services to meet the unique and dynamic preparedness needs of private industry.

Based on your company’s specific training requirements, SET can provide a myriad of services, from classroom training to full-scale exercises, that will help to meet these needs. Training areas include: business continuity; security (physical and cyber); logistics/supply chain management; IT; public relations/crisis communications; human resources; management/leadership development; and many more. SET’s training and exercises also can assist companies in meeting government mandates and regulatory compliances.

SET’s customer-tailored approach allows our clients to test and evaluate their company’s plans, policies, and procedures during a notional adverse situation or emergency incident conducted in a controlled training environment. This allows companies to exercise their specific contingency plans and procedures at all levels – from executive to front-line personnel – and identify and address areas for improvement prior to real-world incidents.

From manufacturing, food and agriculture, healthcare, financial, pharmaceutical – whatever your industry, SET has custom training solutions that will fit your company’s unique needs. Contact us to learn how we can assist you.