Leveraging global experience, with over 50 years of public, private and military expertise, Summit Exercises & Training is the provider of choice in terms of synergizing safety and security training with a full suite of exercise design and facilitation based upon best practices.

Subject matter expertise is a term often used to mean several different things, typically anything but its true definition. With respect to the professionals, associates, and partners at Summit, this term is truly personified. We have literally been on the front lines both from a military and/or first responder perspective as well as behind the scenes, supporting these professionals through individualized training and intelligent exercise design.

Safety and security is an area in which our expertise is exhibited. While there are a myriad of these types of training programs, there is a fine line in merely complying with some sort of regulation or standard and knowing that your personnel not only understand the principles and techniques but also embody them on mission. This is what Summit brings to the table.

Our team can provide custom tailored exercise design, facilitation and training for all of your safety and security needs.

Considering relevant topics in this regard, ACTIVE SHOOTER is an area in which Summit offers a wide range of cohesive and complimentary offerings both in the training and exercise realm. Summit professionals, associates and partners have developed and piloted training programs and validated them with exercises in the academic and healthcare fields, arguably the most impacted by active shooter incidents.

An example of a Summit engagement in this regard is as follows:


  • Review of any and all existing policies and procedures, followed by analysis as to its efficacy relevant to the client and current best practice.
  • Development of custom training on active shooter to include;
    • History and behavioral characteristics of active shooters,
    • Impact of building design on protective actions,
    • Warning and notification strategies,
    • Tactics to employ in the event of an active shooting incident.
  • Delivery of training in multiple venues and/or platforms.


  • Complete document review and analysis of any existing training program or methodology;
  • Collaborative interaction with client and Summit in terms of type of exercise and goals/objectives.
  • Design and development in consideration of multiple factors including bringing in outside law enforcement and stakeholder agencies.
  • Logistical and site support.
  • Facilitation and After Action Review.

The aforementioned is but a very brief example of the support and work in just this one area. Our team has an extensive knowledge in this field to include not only responder safety and security needs and concerns, but also regulatory and compliance safety and security needs to include, but not limited to the following:

  • OSHA
  • NFPA
  • The Joint Commission

Please inquire as to how Summit Exercises & Training can enhance all of your safety and security needs.