Tom Braudaway, Exercise Planner at SummitET

Tom Braudaway

Exercise Planner, NA-81 Contract

Years of Experience in
Exercise Planning

Agencies Partnered With

Year Joined SummitET

Why I work at SummitET

Its commitment to providing top tier exercises and training to community partners, contributing to the social responsibility of community preparedness.

My work/research will make a difference in the world because

Actively reviewing and exercising plans increases the efficiency and effectiveness of a community’s ability to respond to and recover from an incident.

Three things you may not know about me

I spend my time playing a few instruments including the Highland Bagpipes;

Riding my motorcycle is the best way to end the workday.

Tom Braudaway, exercise planner at SummitET
Tom Braudaway, exercise planner at SummitET
Tom Braudaway, exercise planner at SummitET



Master of Public Administration, 2017

B.S. Public Policy and Administration, 2015



Emergency Management

Exercise Planning

Policy Development

About Tom

As a Counterterrorism Exercise Planner for SummitET, Tom manages the development and execution of tabletop exercises and workshops for the Department of Energy. These exercises focus on community responses to radiological incidents, bringing in federal, state, and local partners.

Prior to joining SummitET, Tom worked in emergency management at the local and federal levels. Specifically, Tom has contracted at the Department of State in the Office of Emergency Management. There he worked on domestic facilities, national level, and National Security Council exercises. Additionally, Tom served as a Department of State Liaison Officer and Training Officer for activations of the National Response Coordination Center, to include the Covid-19 national response. Additionally, he has contracted in policy development for the Department of Homeland Security, Emergency Communication Preparedness Center. At the local level, Tom got his start working in an emergency management office at City of Harrisonburg Fire Department.

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