What Summit Provides

  • An understanding of threats to a specific facility, region, or country
  • An opportunity to meet all the agencies/organizations that would be responding to an emergency incident at a specific site
  • An understanding of how a facility and first responders can improve their ability to prepare for, respond to, and recover from natural or human-caused disasters

What Summit Does

  • Builds responder relationships and teamwork
  • Provides site-specific scenarios
    • Each exercise is tailored specifically to the customer
  • Promotes a penalty-free environment
    • No inspections, evaluations, or after-action reports
  • Allows organizations to review/practice plans, policies, and procedures for an emergency incident
    • Who is in charge; multi-agency coordination
    • Resources – personnel and equipment
    • Identify gaps in preparedness plans and response mechanisms


Our Experience

  • Over 30 years of combined experience working with both public and private sectors, including sensitive industries (nuclear, energy, radiological, chemical, and biological)
  • 55 tabletop exercises
  • 5,300+ trained
    • Senior management
    • Front-line supervisors
    • Federal, state, and local senior decision-makers
    • First responders
    • Law enforcement